'Ceylon High Tea' - Origin Tea Bartender Challenge Honorary Runner-Up Cocktail

Dula Lorensuhewa of Employee's Only Sydney and Beliya Cocktails has graced us with this sophisticated little number. Fresh, fruity, and dressed to impress, the 'Ceylon High Tea' is an exquisite sip. Here is a little of what Dula had to say:

"A classic combination of basil and mango married with Champagne to bring you a delicious elixir that keeps you coming back for more, perfectly refreshing on the hottest of summer days or whenever you are thirsty."

Ceylon High Tea




  • Semi-dried, edible flower petals



  1. Add tea syrup, lime juice, and basil leaves in a shaker and shake for 10 seconds
  2. Add 90mL of Champagne
  3. Fine strain into your favourite Champagne flute
  4. Decorate with flower petals
  5. Sip and enjoy!



Lovely, well-rounded tea for those who like their tea to have flavour and depth.

They have a variety of great tasting, ethically sourced tea.

Both their tea and their products are high quality and they customer service is excellent.

Sarah. R