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Article: Experience the Culture - Sri Lanka

Experience the Culture - Sri Lanka
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Experience the Culture - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Okay, so we know that not long ago it was their National Independence Day, and we know that they are renowned for producing some pretty quality tea, but surely there’s more to Sri Lanka than that? Of course there is! And the beauty of being a part of the Origin Tea Family, is that you get to really #experiencetheculture, because just by popping the kettle on and taking a sip of one of our single-origin Ceylon Teas, you are already immersing yourself in the Sri Lankan way of life.


Sri Lanka, with its history dating back over 3000 years is full of incredible heritage, stories and cultures that take us far beyond the world we know and love today. While once upon a time, Sri Lanka was a world of palaces, monasteries, temples, theatres and hospitals ornately carved from marble and stone; today, these incredible structures are a part of the mighty jungles, which have risen up and swallowed them over time. While this part of Sri Lanka is still fundamental to what makes Sri Lanka so incredible, today it is the Sri Lankan people, who’s culture lies in a love for tea, spices and of course cricket, that define the country for what it is, and make it such a destination for tourists the world over.

The Sri Lankan people are renowned for their smiles. Open arms and open hearts are one thing that those who visit, can never seem to get over. The love for those that visit and the way they want visitors to embrace their culture is irrevocably moving, leaving you feeling as though you’ve found your second-home, half way around the world. If you love a good cup of tea and don’t mind popping your feet up and letting an hour or two roll by watching the cricket, then you will find yourself even more at home in this beautiful country. The tea, first introduced by the British Colonial back in the 19th century is today known as Ceylon tea, or the best tea in the world, producing the most quality of cups every time.

Tea and cricket aside, Sri Lanka, which is also known as ‘Rathnadeepa’, or the land of gems, is also hailed for the colourful history it has had with producing blue sapphires, red rubies and many other priceless gems over time. Such precious gems have found themselves distributed world-wide, and I’m likely guessing are responsible for perhaps some of the more precious family heirlooms you may just have tucked away somewhere safe in your cupboard!

Being a country enriched by the religion of Buddhism, the May Full Moon Poya Day or ‘Vesak’ is the most important Sri Lankan religious ceremony of the year, filled with many celebrations, where the Buddhists mark the importance of enlightenment, nativity and passing away of Lord Buddha with many commemorative traditions. Lanterns, feasts, beverages, and pandals are all a part of the Sri Lankan tradition, and Sri Lankans from every religion crowd the streets to join in on the festivities. 

So if you find yourself wanting to be immersed in a world full of culture, where appreciating the smaller things, smiling often, drinking the best tea in the world and being surrounded by precious gems are commonplace, then head to Sri Lanka. You may just find the culture change you’ve been looking for, and learn a little about yourself whilst learning lots about the beautiful world the Sri Lankan people live in.

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