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8ml Pump8ml Pump
8ml Pump Sale price$5.00
Cocktail Jigger - 40ml - Origin Tea
Cocktail Jigger Sale price$9.00
Display Tin - Default Title - Origin Tea
Display Tin Sale price$7.00
Handy Brew - Origin TeaHandy Brew - Origin Tea
Handy Brew Sale price$20.00
Chai Brewing Pot - Origin TeaStainless Steel Chai Brewing Pot
Mesh Tea Strainer - Origin TeaMesh Tea Strainer - Origin Tea
Mesh Tea Strainer Sale price$6.00
Mesh Tea Ball - Origin Tea
Mesh Tea Ball Sale price$4.00
Cafe Tea Pot - Black - Origin TeaCafe Tea Pot - White - Origin Tea
Cafe Tea Pot 500ml Sale price$11.00
Cast Iron Tea Pot Black (500mL) - Default Title - Origin Tea
Ripple Black Mug - Default Title - Origin TeaRipple Black Mug
Ripple Black Mug Sale price$5.00
Tea Chest 4 Compartment - Origin Tea
Tea Chest 4 Compartment Sale price$22.00
Tea Chest 8 Compartment - Origin Tea
Tea Chest 8 Compartment Sale price$27.00
AARKE Carbonator III Sparkling Water Maker - Matte Black - Origin Tea

What is Teaware?

Origin Tea tea wares are the must-haves that people just can't keep their hands off. These little goodies will make your brewing experience all that more tea-rriific. A bunch of little trinkets and tidbits that make drinking tea as special as it should be, every time. From our handy brews to chai pots, these teawares are the functional and practical must-haves if you want to make a ultimate tea leaf brew. But tea drinking is an experience so our teawares aren’t just vessels for tea-making, but their design and elegance is what makes it a little bit more fun.