Iced Tea

Ever wanted to make a refreshing beverage at home that took less than a minute to make while being really refreshing and flavourful? 

Origin Tea - Iced Tea Spritz is here! We've brought you the ultimate in Iced Tea products with more real Ceylon loose leaf tea than any available at the moment.

Tea Spritz lets you make iced teas in less than a minute and involves as much effort as scooping ice into a glass. All you have to do is add one pump of your favourite Tea Spritz into ice cold water or your cocktail or mocktail and you have yourself a refreshing beverage ready in seconds!

Tropical Kiss Iced Tea Syrup - 750ml - Origin Tea

Tropical Kiss Iced Tea Syrup

$26.50 AUD
Sneaky Peach Iced Tea Syrup - 750ml - Origin Tea

Sneaky Peach Iced Tea Syrup

$26.50 AUD
Mango Magic Iced Tea Syrup - 750ml - Origin Tea

Mango Magic Iced Tea Syrup

$26.50 AUD
Lemon Zest Iced Tea Syrup - 750ml - Origin Tea

Lemon Zest Iced Tea Syrup

$26.50 AUD

What is Iced Tea?

Origin Iced Tea Range is Made from 100% Real Ceylon Tea Leaves for the ultimate in tea quality and depth of flavour. Without any tea extracts or fillers, this is real loose-leaf iced tea like you would brew at home! Once brewed, it is paired with natural cane sugar and fruit extracts, allowing us to bring you the most flavourful, convenient and innovative Ice Tea products in the tea game!

Easy to Use | Quick & easy. Just pump, shake and serve.
No Pulp | No funky taste. Just tastes like the real stuff.
Low Sugar | A lower sugar content per serve compared to other drink products.
For Kids | Suitable for kids and a great flavour to spritz up your kids’ drinks menus.

Suitable for Cocktails and Mocktails. Click here to view our mocktail and cocktail recipes.


All our products carry Product of Sri Lanka symbol and are made from local and imported ingredients.

We source our single origin blends directly from Sri Lanka, using some of the world’s finest, freshest, and purest teas on the planet. Our herbs and spices can be imported from other origins around the world.

We ship all our e-Commerce orders directly from our HQ warehouse in Brisbane, Australia.

Domestic shipping:
Standard: 3 to 5 business days.
Express: 1 to 3 business days.

International shipping timeframes:

International delivery can be up to 10 to 28 business days. Please note this is a guide only and does not include any customs processing time upon arrival at the destination.

Origin Tea is proud to be stocked in premium hotels, cafes, restaurants, corporate offices and retailers around the world. To find out if your business is eligible to become a wholesale partner, please submit an enquiry here.

We take pleasure in offering a corporate gifting that tailors custom packages that express the highest form of gratitude to colleagues and clients, through the gift of tea. For all enquiries please

email and we will be in touch shortly!

Why Origin Tea?


    We source most of our teas directly from Sri Lanka, using some of the world’s finest, freshest and purest teas.


    Our tea leaves literally come straight from the plantation to you; delivering them as fresh as they be.


    Our obsession with quality is obvious in every cup.


    We are constantly experimenting with new ideas, delicious flavours and ways to enjoy the experience of tea.

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Quality in every cup

Our obsession with quality is obvious in every cup, and we think it’s important to know what you are drinking and where it comes from.

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