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Article: Why Origin Tea is the Right Wholesale Supplier for Your Cafe

Why Origin Tea is the Right Wholesale Supplier for Your Cafe
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Why Origin Tea is the Right Wholesale Supplier for Your Cafe

Finding the right wholesale tea supplier for your cafe can be overwhelming. You have to consider the quality of the product, the reliability of the supply chain, and if the company is a good match for your values.

Here at Origin Tea, we strive to bring our valued cafe customers some of the highest-quality teas in Australia. We’re reliable and we care about maintaining a business that is socially conscious. Here are a few reasons why Origin Tea is the right wholesale tea supplier for your business.


1. Competitive Pricing and Products for Unique Needs

We understand that choosing teas for your cafe can be difficult. That’s why, when you contact us, we can offer you different pricing and services for the products we have under our Origin Tea label.

The blends of tea we offer

Along with our competitive pricing, Origin Tea remains a popular choice among cafés and restaurants because of our huge range of teas, including:

  • Black teas: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Chai
  • Green teas: Sencha, Jasmine
  • Herbal & fruit blend teas: Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass Ginger

These quality tea types are sure to keep your café customers satisfied, and coming back time and again. If you’re keen to get the most popular blends all at once, we have a Café Starter Kit with 8 of our most popular blends (see Sample Packs section below).

Loose leaf, luxury pyramids or organic: the choice is yours

Not only do we offer a diverse blend of teas for your cafe, we also offer a diverse range of tea types:

  • Loose leaf
  • Organic loose leaf
  • Pyramid tea bags

There is no right or wrong option when it comes to which type you’d like to stock in your hospitality business. Pyramid tea bags offer an effective and easy method of steeping, which may save your baristas and staff a bit of time. On the other hand, loose leaf tea is a tea connoisseur’s choice and is considered by many to be superior to tea bags of any shape.

Choose your quantities too

We get that every café is different. Some cafes are predominantly takeaway while others offer full-service meals day and night, some cafes exude that homely feel and make you want to curl up on their couches with a book while others are modern and minimalist and cater more to couples and young families on the weekend.

With this in mind, we realise that café owners want to be able to dictate the quantities of their orders down to the finest margins. That’s why we offer so many sizes to our bulk ordering options.

 Currently, we provide our teas in the following sizes:

  • 500g
  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 5kg
  • 20kg

2. Sample Packs


When you’re trying out a new wholesale tea supplier, it’s crucial you know the quality of the teas and if your customers will enjoy them before you invest in a bulk order.

For your convenience and peace of mind, we’ve put together sample tea packs, which features eight of our finest teas. You can choose either loose leaf or pyramid tea bag sample packs and start displaying them on a trial basis. This is an easy and convenient way to test out our products before the bulk ordering process.

Our sample packs are competitively priced and come with detailed descriptions of the teas so you have an excellent idea what you’re getting from us, and can pass that knowledge onto your customers too.

On top of our affordable pricing and the quality of the tea, another benefit of our Café Sample Packs is that they look great too because of our premium display tins, included in the sample pack. These look great when displayed on a shelf or a café counter.

3. Dedication to Positive Social Impact 

Origin Tea is dedicated to improving the quality of life of tea pickers and their family members in our 36 estates across Sri Lanka. We’ve developed a program called T4Change, where we’ve partnered with government officials and local not-for-profit organisations.

T4Change develops effective initiatives for:

  • Housing development
  • Schools
  • Free healthcare

When you order tea for your cafe from us, you’re sending a message that you support improving the quality of life for vulnerable tea workers in Sri Lanka.

As well as the amazing social impact, our close engagement with our plantations allows us to deliver you high quality, fresh and flavoursome teas without lots of unnecessary handling. Our Plantation2U initiative eliminates middlemen so that the tea leaves literally come straight from the plantation to you, delivering them as fresh as can be.  

Here at Origin Tea, we understand how important it is for you to have quick, convenient access to high-quality teas that also support positive social change.

We’ve been in the business for over 35 years, and we pride ourselves on guaranteeing refreshing, distinct teas that meet your satisfaction. Feel free to get started today with one of our sample tea packs or contact us today!

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