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Article: 6 Matcha Tea Benefits You Need To Know

6 Matcha Tea Benefits You Need To Know

6 Matcha Tea Benefits You Need To Know

Matcha green tea is a trend that just won’t quit - ever-growing in popularity for its wide range of matcha tea benefits. Whether you’re drinking it to boost your brain function, improve oral health, or support your immune system - this simple beverage can do no wrong.

Though for those still in the dark on matcha green tea, we’re here to clear a few things up - what exactly is matcha and what can it do for your health?


What Is Matcha Tea?

Grown in various regions of Japan, matcha is a finely grounded powder created from green tea leaves. Instead of infusing the tea leaves in hot water and removing them, matcha powder is mixed with the hot water and consumed.

Though the tea is very common in countries throughout East Asia, more and more people are jumping on the matcha bandwagon for its many health benefits.


The Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea 

Without further ado, here are 6 matcha tea benefits you need to know.

1. Improve Brain Function

First things first, matcha green tea can naturally boost your brain function. The green powder contains a variety of elements that can help to improve your attention, memory, and more.

Specifically, matcha contains caffeine - which has been linked to improving many aspects of brain function. Though on top of this, matcha also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can work alongside the caffeine to increase your energy levels and productivity, minus the stress or anxiety.

So, if you need a hand getting through an afternoon slump, try reaching for a mug of matcha.


2. Weight Loss

Green tea has become a popular tool to help with weight-loss, and for good reason. Studies suggest that green tea can support weight loss by increasing metabolism while burning fat.

Try starting or ending your day with a cup of green tea.


3. Plenty Of Antioxidants

Our body is often exposed to free radicals in the form of fried foods, alcohol, smoke, or pollutants. These molecules can damage our DNA and proteins, contributing to signs of aging, chronic disease, and more - though this is where antioxidant-rich sources, like matcha, can come to the rescue.

One of the key matcha tea benefits is that it’s rich in antioxidants - specifically a class of plant compounds called catechins. The antioxidants help to fight off the cell-damaging effects of free radicals


4. Supports Immunity

Especially with the colder season of the year among us, many people will be reaching for their immune-boosting nutrients - such as vitamin C or ginger. Though, matcha green tea has also shown promise in improving our immune system.

Because matcha is rich in antioxidants, it can help our body to produce the necessary cells to fight off viruses and lessen any inflammation.

There’s plenty of ways you can get your matcha fix this winter, whether it’s by mixing it into your granola, sprinkling it into your smoothie, or simply reaching for a tea.


5. Boost Heart Health

When it comes to improving your heart health, green tea may prove to be a valuable companion.

Green tea has shown potential in protecting the heart by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol - ultimately reducing the risk of heart disease.


6. Fight Off Bad Breath

Matcha doesn’t only have antioxidant properties, but it also has anti-bacterial powers - helping to promote oral health and keep bad breath away.

Green tea works by stopping the growth of bacteria that causes plaque, which can lead to healthier teeth and gums - as well as better breath.


Matcha Latte by Origin Tea

Our Matcha Latte is one of the most delicious ways to take advantage of the many health benefits associated with matcha. Premium matcha powder from Japan is infused with an exotic spice base that works alongside the earthy, fresh notes of the matcha. Not to mention, the blend is vegan friendly, with no gluten or dairy.

Shop the Origin Tea Matcha Latte here


*The information in this article is relevant to those with no health-care issues. Before changing your diet, speak with a healthcare professional.

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