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Article: The Health Benefits Of Tea: Debunking Myths And Revealing Benefits

The Health Benefits Of Tea: Debunking Myths And Revealing Benefits

The Health Benefits Of Tea: Debunking Myths And Revealing Benefits

Whether you prefer it hot or cold, tea is a beverage that’s easy to enjoy year-round. Though we don't just enjoy it for the taste - did you know there is also a surprising range of health benefits of tea

This popular drink is packed to the brim with an array of nutrients, ready to nourish our health and wellbeing in more ways than one. 

If you’re eager to learn more about how tea can improve your health, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re debunking the common tea myths while diving into the many health advantages of drinking tea every day. Let’s get into it! 

Is Tea Good For You?

Tea can enhance our wellbeing in more ways than one, bringing along a delightful range of benefits that are easy to admire. 

Between the many different types, a cup of tea can help by delivering a kick of antioxidants, providing lower doses of caffeine, nurturing your oral health, supporting heart health and brain function, looking after your gut, and assisting with blood sugar levels. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Let’s get some tea myths out of the way first…

Myth - Adding Milk To Tea Revokes The Benefits

Especially if you prefer your tea with a splash of milk, don’t be deterred with this common tea myth. Not only does adding milk to tea not hinder its benefits or counteract the nutrients, but it can actually bring a handful of other nutrients for the body to enjoy - such as calcium, protein, and various B vitamins. 

Myth - Drinking Tea Doesn’t Help With Colds

A cup of tea can do wonders when you have a cold - helping to ease a sore throat and break-up any congestion in your nose. Next time you’re feeling a tickle in your throat, reach for chamomile or peppermint tea.

Myth - Hot Tea Is Healthier Than Iced Tea

When we consider the health benefits of tea, there are no major changes in benefits whether you decide to drink it hot or cold. If the tea has been brewed, both forms typically have the same amount of nutrients. 

Myth - Tea Can’t Expire 

It may be hard to hear, though it’s true: tea can indeed expire. Tea has a shelf-life of about 6 months - while losing its flavour and aroma over time. To make your tea last, remember to store it in a dark, cool location, though if it’s been sitting around for more than 6 months, it may be time to replace it. 


7 Health Benefits Of Tea 

Loads Of Antioxidants | Black Tea 

Black tea offers a wide range of health benefits for us to take advantage of - supporting our heart health, gut, blood sugar levels, and more. 

Though on top of all of this, black tea is also a great source of polyphenols - which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect our cells from free radical damage. Because of these antioxidants, we can lessen the effects of oxidation on our cells and decrease our risk of several diseases. 

“...the regular consumption of moderate quantities of green tea and black tea can effectively [regulate] the antioxidant capacity of individuals…” (Peluso, 2016, p.1204).

If you’re looking for a kick of antioxidants, try this Black Chai Tea - with a black tea base and a spicy mix of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.


Support Immunity | Chamomile 

Though more studies are needed to make a definitive link, some research suggests that a mug of chamomile tea may help to strengthen the immune system and fight off colds. 

Because chamomile tea is a good source of phenolic compounds and other nutrients, it’s suggested the blend has anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, and immunity-boosting properties.   

A Better Night’s Sleep | Chamomile

We know that chamomile may be a good immunity-boosting tea, though it’s also praised for promoting quality sleep. This effect might be caused by an antioxidant found in the tea: apigenin. The antioxidant influences brain function by interacting with receptors to encourage sleep. 

Whether you’re looking for a chamomile blend to support your immunity or get better sleep, try this organic Chamomile Tea and enjoy the soothing, relaxing aroma that accompanies.


Boost Heart Health | Green Tea 

Green tea is one of the best tea for health, delivering a wonderful range of health benefits for us to enhance our wellbeing. This is particularly due to the sheer number of antioxidants that the beverage delivers. 

When it comes to supporting our heart health, green tea is said to help by lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. By controlling our levels of cholesterol, green tea can ultimately support the health of our arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease. 


Promote Oral Health | Green Tea

Are you fighting a persistent case of bad breath? Well, green tea may be the answer.

The polyphenols found in green tea may be able to deal with bad breath by killing the bacteria that lead to it - though it doesn’t stop there. With these bacteria-stopping properties, green tea can also promote oral health by fighting off the bacteria that could otherwise lead to tooth decay and cavities. 


Increases Concentration | Green Tea 

If you’re looking for another alternative from coffee to keep you alert, try drinking a cup of green tea. It contains low levels of caffeine to help boost brain function, though in amounts that won’t cause a jittery feeling - and that’s only the beginning. 

On top of this, green tea contains amino acids that can work alongside caffeine to improve brain function - specifically increasing focus and energy while lessening stress. 

If you’re on the hunt for a quality green tea, consider this Green Secha - from Origin’s Sri Lankan Sanquhar Estate. The blend has a fresh, yet tangy flavour - providing a welcomed boost of energy and a hefty dose of antioxidants to nourish the body.  


In Summary 

If you’re looking for ways to kick your health up a notch, you can’t go wrong with a cup of tea. After all, the beverage packs quite the punch, with the ability to boost concentration, improve heart health, encourage sleep, promote oral health, and so much more.

Though the absolute best thing about tea is that it’s easy to make and effortless to enjoy.


Head to the Origin Tea online store to browse our range and start sipping. 

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