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Article: Game Changing Iced Teas | 5 Must-Know Tips

Game Changing Iced Teas | 5 Must-Know Tips

Game Changing Iced Teas | 5 Must-Know Tips

As summer rolls in for another year, more and more of us are craving to learn how to make iced tea - and for a good reason. 
After all, they’re the perfect summer beverage - they’re revitalising on those hotter days, packed with an assortment of citrus fruits to enjoy, and are easy to share with a few friends. There’s no better way to embrace those summer vibes than with a cool glass of homemade iced tea. 
Ready to learn how to make iced tea? We’ve got you covered - check out our beginner's guide below for creating delicious iced tea every time.

What Do You Need To Make Iced Tea

Before we start mixing together our iced tea, there are a few essentials tools we’re going to need. Here’s a quick list of everything you’ll need to make an iced tea. 


1. Origin Iced Tea Syrup

Using iced tea syrup is a great way to add bold, refreshing flavours to your favourite recipes. They’re convenient, easy to use, and can put a rich-tasting iced tea in your hand within minutes.


2. A Cocktail Jigger

To properly measure the syrup, you’ll also need a cocktail jigger. This double measuring cocktail jigger is a great option - with both 15ml and 30ml measurements on offer.


3. Plenty Of Ice

It’s called iced tea for a reason! Best served chilled. Before you start mixing your cocktails, make sure you've got plenty of ice on-hand. 


4. Choose A Mixer 

When considering which mixers to add, there is an endless list of options for you to choose between.

You can keep it simple by using cold water, or add a bit of extra flavour and fizz with a soft drink - such as lemonade or soda water. That being said, it’s up to personal preference and the flavours you’re working with. 


5. A Splash Of Juice 

To sweeten things up or to add some tang, you can always splash some juice into your concoction. Similar to the mixer, the juice you choose depends on which flavour you’re making and your personal preference. 


6. A Stirring Stick

For the iced tea syrup to be mixed properly with all the other ingredients, it might be a good idea to grab yourself a stirring stick. 


7. A Mason Jar

Presentation is key when it comes to making iced tea. Before you start mixing, be sure to grab a nice-looking drinking glass - such as a vintage mason jar. 


8. Fruit To Garnish

To boost the visual appeal of your iced tea, chop-up some colourful fruits to really push those summer vibes. Some popular options include strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and blueberries.



How To Make Iced Tea In 5 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve got everything you need, let’s start mixing. Learn how to make the perfect iced tea, every-time, with these 5 easy steps below.


1. Use Iced Tea Syrup

These Origin Tea Syrups are made from real Ceylon tea leaves to provide maximum quality and a deeper flavour.

The high-grade brewed tea base is paired with natural cane sugar and fruit extracts to create a more flavoursome beverage.

With flavours like Sneaky Peach, Lemon Zest, Tropical Kiss, and Mango Magic, finding a syrup to suit your taste buds couldn’t be easier. 

Making iced tea with these syrups is simple - measure 30ml of the syrup in a cocktail jigger, then pour it into a cup. Follow this with a mixer of your choice (water, lemonade, or soda water are good choices), then stir until combined and serve with ice. 


2. Sweeten With Juice

Rather than just sweetening your iced tea with sugar, shake things up by adding fresh juice into the mix.

Not only will you get that sweeter taste and tang you’re chasing, but you’ll also have the freedom to mix and match different juices with the iced tea syrup to uncover delicious combinations.

Not sure where to start? Try a pineapple juice with the Tropical Kiss, or a cranberry juice with the Mango Magic syrup.


3. Add Some Fizz

If you’re tired of those flat iced teas, why not try adding a bit of fizz into the mix?

This AARKE Carbonator II is a compact, elegant, and simple way to add some fizz to your iced tea. Just fill the bottle with cold water, screw them into the machine, pull the level, and you’re good to go. 

Plus, the machine works with CO2 cylinders from all major brands - making it easy to find refills. 


4. Garnish With Fruit

The creative process doesn’t stop once you’ve finished mixing - after all, presentation is a major aspect of making iced tea.
Once you’ve got all your ingredients prepared, gently garnish your masterpiece with an assortment of fruits and fresh herbs.
Use fruits that will complement the flavour of your iced tea - some popular options include lemon slices, strawberries, mango wedges, and blueberries. 


5. Get Creative

One of the most important tips to remember when learning how to make iced tea is to have fun with the process.

Feed your creative side by experimenting with new and exciting combinations of herbs, fruits, and iced tea syrups - you never know what you’ll uncover! 

Most importantly, don’t forget to share these discoveries with others - after all, iced tea is better to enjoy around a few friends. Happy summer! 


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