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Article: What To Do With Used Tea Leaves? 7 Handy Tips 

What To Do With Used Tea Leaves? 7 Handy Tips 

What To Do With Used Tea Leaves? 7 Handy Tips 

A cup of tea can do wonders for both our body and mind - though once brewed, we’re often left wondering what to do with used tea leaves? It seems like a waste to just throw them away.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways we can reuse tea leaves and take full advantage of their natural benefits - whether it’s around the home, in the garden, or on the skin. 

Start learning what to do with used tea leaves with our 7 handy tips below


1. Feed Your Garden 

This one is for all you gardeners out there - tea isn’t only great for us, but it’s also very nourishing for our plants. 

Tea leaves contain three essential nutrients for plants - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. On top of this, it also contains a variety of other minerals that will help your plants to thrive. 

Try collecting your used tea leaves over the week, then spreading them into the soil to encourage healthy growth. 


2. Carpet Deodoriser 

Is your carpet smelling a bit funky? Try sprinkling some dried tea leaves on there to absorb the odour. After about 20 minutes, you can vacuum-up the leaves to leave you with a fresh-smelling scent. 

You can do the same for those old rugs that are smelling a bit stale. 


3. Shoe Deodoriser 

Just like with your old carpet, you can use tea bags to get rid of foul shoe odours. 

It’s as simple as throwing two or so dried tea bags in your shoes overnight in a dry space. They’ll work to absorb the odour, leaving behind a refreshing scent. 


4. Make A Facial Scrub 

Green tea can be very nourishing for our skin, helping to manage premature ageing, irritation, redness, and more. With all these benefits up for grabs, it’s no wonder green tea is often mixed into our skincare products. 

If you have any used green tea leaves lying around, try making your own organic facial scrub - it couldn’t be easier. 

There are plenty of different DIY recipes out there, though some common ingredients include sugar, green tea leaves, and coconut oil. All you need to do is thoroughly mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, then you can enjoy the natural blend as an exfoliator. 

It’s a great way to squeeze the most from your used tea leaves. 


5. Refresh Tired Eyes 

Teabags aren’t only great for the skin, but also our eyes - helping to reduce dark circles, puffiness, or tired eyes. 

After brewing the tea bags as you normally would, drain the liquid from the bags before placing them in the fridge to chill for around 20 minutes. Then, place them over your closed eyes for up to 30 minutes to fully enjoy the benefits. 

With regards to the types of tea you can use, there’s plenty of options. Green or black teas are a popular choice, though you can also use calendula and chamomile. 


6. Shine The Windows

If you’re looking for an organic window cleaner, give black tea a go. The acidic components in the tea work as an effective cleaning agent, cutting through dirt and grime. 

Start by brewing around three tea bags in one litre of water - then, leave it to brew and cool. You can then use the blend with a cloth. Or, fill up a spray bottle to scrub the windows. 

If you’ve got wooden blinds, try nourishing the wood with a quick dose of black tea as well. Black tea contains tannins, which can help nourish the wood by darkening it and providing a new layer of depth. 


7. Enjoy A Relaxing Bath 

Take the skin benefits of tea to a whole new level by soaking in a relaxing tea bath. 

The anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties of the tea can detox the skin, even your skin tone, manage acne, fight off free radical damage, encourage healing, and so much more. 

All you need to do is throw around 6 tea bags in the tub, then run the warm water. Let the bags brew for 20 minutes then relax in the nourishing water. 

 Now that you know what to do with used tea leaves, you can truly start getting the most out of your tea. 


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